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Synchronous Ethernet and Y.1564 Test Suite

Copenhagen, February 22, 2013 - Xena Networks releases new test modules with advanced timing features for testing Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), and a comprehensive Y.1564 test suite .

XENA Networks: Gigabit Ethernet Test Solutions



If you want ease-of-use, cost efficiency, interoperability, and scalability then Xena Networks test platform is designed for you. XenaCompact and XenaBay gigabit ethernet testers are ideal for:

  • R&D Labs
  • Manufacturing Q&A
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Network I&M
  • Research Networks
  • 40/100G Ethernet

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R&D - Functional and Conformance testing in the lab

The Xena Networks test platform is well suited for validation of hardware performance and negative testing in development environments and labs.

The new class of lab based test equipment pricing enables the realization of large port count test beds at a fraction of the cost of existing test solutions. Historically, equipment manufacturers have complemented commercial test platforms with internally built PC/FPGA platforms, now ideally suited to be replaced with Xena Networks.

Xena Networks and Veryx Technologies have worked together to create an innovative Ethernet test platform that combines Xena’s high performance, wire-speed Ethernet test hardware with Veryx’s portfolio of IP & Ethernet functional and conformance test suites.



Manufacturing and Q&A Testing

The manufacturing and quality assurance (QA) test applications performs multiple, functional tests of a given technology. The speed, accuracy, reliability, scalability, and scripting capability makes the Xena testers ideally suited for this application.

The Xena testers can help NEMs improve production quality to near zero failure rates after shipment. Automated tests based on IETF RFCs, such as RFC 2544, quickly deliver pass/fail results so users can isolate a fault on a switch automatically. The RFC tests provide an industry-standard methodology for testing advanced switches.

If an automated RFC test fails, the user can debug the device with an interactive GUI in real time to quickly isolate the problem. In addition, the user can switch between automated tests and interactive control without changing applications.



Sales and Marketing Demonstrations

Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) can take advantage of the unique combination of the dense form factor and advanced functionality of the XenaCompact testers, which makes it an ideal solution for demonstration of advanced network equipment at trade shows and private off-site demonstrations to customer prospects. Sales and Marketing departments at NEMs have a need for test equipment which is easily transportable, while at the same time providing the advanced features found in R&D grade test equipment. The Xena testers provide the most compact rack mount form factor, test port density, and advanced test features for demonstration of next generation network equipment, including powerful display of real-time latency histograms and a number of Carrier Ethernet functional and conformance test suites as provided with the joint Xena-Veryx solution.

For safe and convenient transport of the XenaCompact testers, we offer a custom tailored stylish and sturdy flight case as a product accessory, see XenaCompact flightcase accessory.


Network Installation and Maintenance (I&M)

Ethernet based access, aggregation and regional transport network infrastructures are on the increase worldwide, with many operators already implementing 1 and 10 Gbps Ethernet transmission services between locations and aggregation points, and preparing high-speed mobile backhaul links for future mobile technologies such as LTE.

To remain competitive, network service providers must verify network performance according to SLA, under periods of network congestion, to determine what the real end user can be guaranteed to experience in boundary network scenarios.

Pre-deployment testing also includes functional and compliance testing of Ethernet OAM, Ethernet Ring Protection Switching, and MEF standards for Carrier Ethernet, ideally suited for the joint solution Xena has created with company Veryx Technologies.



National Research and Educational Networks (NRENs)

The Xena testers are ideally suited for accurate characterization of the performance 10GbE and higher speed research and educational networks, and for the implementation of WAN research testbeds for advanced technologies such as IPv6, Carrier Ethernet OAM, MPLS, and 40/100G WAN links.

The availability of compatible network performance testers when testing high-speed network links is generally cost prohibitive for the Research and Educational community, which has led to the use of commodity PC systems and open source tools. The Xena testers are a very good alternative to using commodity hardware, both in terms of performance, consistency, features, and cost.



Testing 40G and 100G Ethernet

Xena offers a range of advanced, wire-speed 40/100G Ethernet test modules. The growth of bandwidth-intensive applications, such as video on demand, peer-to-peer sharing, wireless backhaul, high-performance cloud computing, and virtualization continue to push the limits of the current network infrastructure.

The exponential increase in network traffic requires a leap from 10 GbE aggregation to higher-speed 40G and 100G Ethernet links. For those developing the next generation of Ethernet networks, performance, reliability and time-to-market are critical to success. A test platform that supports both new and legacy technology is essential to contain costs while accelerating development.


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