XenaManager Video

This 27 minute walk-through covers:

  • how to setup a testbed
  • how to set up streams (3.42)
  • using the packet editor (6.23)
  • basic use of statistics (8.43)
  • jitter and latency (11.24)
  • how to do data captures (12.29)
  • histograms (13.52)
  • editing port configuration files (17.45)
  • scripting (22.10)

Xena Resources

Xena Videos Library

Xena Networks offers an extensive video resource library where you can watch how to setup XenaManager, configure RFC 2544 and learn some tips to make XenaManager ever easier.

XENA Networks: Resources & Support



Xena Networks & Multiwave Resources

Contact Multiwave for sales assistance, and Xena Networks Technical support to get fast problem resolution. Also check the Xena Networks' resource library to learn more about Xena Networks' products and solutions.


mds_logoContact Us

Multiwave Digital Solutions is a Factory Authorized Xena Networks Reseller. Our sales representatives have years of experience working with and reselling Xena Networks products.

For sales assistance or to get a Quote, or request a demo, or schedule a Free Eval please contact us at:

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Click on the DEMO icon to download the XenaManager.


Xena Networks Technical Support

Xena Networks offers complimentary technical support throughout the lifetime of all of it's products. To verify that the product works properly, to help with product operation, and basic assistance for the use of the specified capabilities, at no extra cost, upon request.

For technical inquiries covering product operation, application problems, software and hardware issues, and for scheduling online web training sessions, please email Xena Networks at

A technical support inquiry will bring your issue to the attention of the appropriate support engineer. Xena Networks guarantee a technical contact response time of 48 hours or less for all customers.

Xena Networks Resource Library

Xena Networks offers an extensive resource library where you can find product and technical support resources.

  • Corporate introduction
  • Datasheets
  • Documentation
  • Application notes
  • Conformance testing (ATTEST)
  • Training videos
  • Software downloads

Click here to go to the Xena Networks Resource Library >.

More Xena Networks Videos


Xena RFC2544 Video

This 8 minute video shows how to quick and easy it is to set up and use Xena2544, the free app provided together with XenaManager.

You will see how to connect to a chassis and how to set up tests with a customer VLAN and IP traffic.



XenaManager - GUI on you_tube1

This video shows how quick and easy it is to start using XenaManager.




XenaManager Tips on you_tube1

Tips and tricks that make using the XenaManager GUI even easier.



Xena and ONPATH support for Cisco on you_tube1

Xena and ONPATH support Cisco direct attach cables.


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