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24F & 16F Multimode MTP Elite® Connectors

New, highest precision, two-row, multimode MT ferrules ensures lowest available insertion loss interconnect solutions for 100G+ parallel optic links.

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Almost 25 years ago NTT saw the value of multifiber technology and patented the first multifiber ferrules. NTT went on to install over 25 million MT connectors in their network, and to pioneer the first multifiber push-on connector, the first multifiber backplane connector, and a ferrule alignment system using guide pins. With the formation of US Conec in 1992, the MT multifiber technology was introduced to North America. Since that time, US Conec has continued to improve the multifiber technology and adapt it for higher density and lower cost communications links.

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Multiwave Digital Solutions is a Factory Authorized US Conec Reseller. Our sales representatives have years of experience working with and reselling network monitoring products and now Multiwave is proud to introduce US Conec to its product portfolio.

For sales assistance or to get a Quote, or request a demo, or schedule a Free Eval please contact us at:

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US Conec Product Catalog


  • MT Ferrules
  • PRIZM® Ferrules
  • Custom MT Ferrules


  • MTP® Connectors
  • Keyed Connectors
  • PRIZM® LightTurn® Connectors


  • MTP® Bulkhead Adapters
  • Specialty Adapters

Tx/Rx Components

  • Precision Optical Packaging

Precision Alignment Guide Pins

  • MT Alignment Guide Pins

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US Conec Product Catalog Cont.

Single-fiber Cleaning Tools

  • NEOCLEAN E Refillable Cleaning Tools
  • IBC™ Brand Cleaning Tools

Multi-fiber Cleaning Tools

  • MT Series Cleaning Tools

Refillable Cassette Cleaners

  • OPTIPOP R Refillable Cassette Cleaner
  • NEOCLEAN PZ Refillable Cassette Cleaner
  • CLETOP Refillable Cassette Cleaner

Stick & Pipe Cleaners

  • NEOCLEAN S Stick Cleaners
  • OPTIPOP P Pipe Cleaners
  • CLETOP Stick Cleaners

Tools & Consumables

  • Tools & Equipment
  • Consumables
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