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24F & 16F Multimode MTP Elite® Connectors

New, highest precision, two-row, multimode MT ferrules ensures lowest available insertion loss interconnect solutions for 100G+ parallel optic links.

US Conec: Overview



US Conec, Ltd. started in 1992 as an equity venture of three leading communications technology companies. Corning Cable Systems is the leading U.S. manufacturer of fiber optic cables and connection hardware for telecommunications and premises SAN/LAN. Fujikura Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of electrical, fiber optic, and specialty materials products in Japan. NTT Advanced Technology Corp., a subsidiary of NTT Corp., provides leading edge communications and information technology products and services for global business development.

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Multiwave Digital Solutions is a Factory Authorized US Conec Reseller. Our sales representatives have years of experience working with and reselling network monitoring products and now Multiwave is proud to introduce US Conec to its product portfolio.

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US Conec Solutions

US Conec started to develop, manufacture, and market high density optical interconnect products. Initially focusing on high precision molded and metal components for MT-style multifiber ferrules, the company has since developed several complementary product lines such as the MTP® Connector family, Concours™ flexible fiber management circuit, contract design/manufacturing services for lower cost packaging of optical components, and connector installation and cleaning products.

US Conec solutions and products are used on fast growing applications including high bandwidth routers and servers, data center cabling, SANs, and medical/industrial equipment.

US Conec Products

US Conec manufacturers singlemode and multimode MT style and contract multi fiber ferrules, the MTP® Brand MPO connector family, Contours® optical flexible circuits and fan outs, contract precision molded parts for optical packaging and sells the OPTIPOP, NEOCLEAN and IBC™ Brand dry cloth connector cleaning products.

US Conec product catalog:

  • Ferrules
  • Connectors
  • MTP® Adaptors
  • Tx/Rx Components
  • Precision Alignment Guide Pins
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Tools & Consumables
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