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Gain Operational Intelligence Faster Than Ever Before. Splunk software is the easy, fast and resilient way to collect, analyze and secure all your machine-generated data—whether it's physical, virtual or in the cloud.

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Splunk operational intelligence solutions enable fortune 100, enterprises, service providers and government organizations manage, troubleshoot application problems, audit and investigate security incidents in minutes instead of hours or days, monitor and alert to avoid service degradation or outages and deliver compliance at lower cost.

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Multiwave Digital Solutions is a Factory Authorized Splunk Reseller. Our sales representatives have years of experience working with and reselling network monitoring products and now Multiwave is proud to introduce Splunk to its product portfolio.

For sales assistance or to get a Quote, or request a demo, or schedule a Free Eval please contact us at:

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Application Management

Monitor and troubleshoot your development and production applications.

  • Custom Application Management
  • Packaged Application Management
  • Application Development.

IT Operations Management

Provide instant visibility and analysis across all your servers and network devices from one place.

  • Change Monitoring
  • Network Management
  • Server Management
  • Server Virtualization Management
  • Desktop Virtualization Management
  • Service Desk


Improve your security posture, identify threats and speed incident investigations.

  • Splunk App for Enterprise Security
  • Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Log Management


Meet the requirements of multiple compliance mandates in a single system.

  • SEC Compliance
  • PCI Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • FISMA Compliance

Big Data

Deliver big data in days or weeks, integrate all your data sources for better visibility, insights and intelligence.

  • Splunk DB Connect
  • Splunk Hadoop Connect
  • Splunk App for HadoopOps

Business Analytics

Harness your machine data to gain valuable real-time insight for IT and the business.

  • Business Analytics
  • Web Intelligence

Cloud Solutions

Improve service levels, offer new services and provide valuable insights to your business team.

  • Cloud Consumers
  • Cloud and Managed Service Providers

Microsoft Solutions

Gain deep insight into your Microsoft Windows servers, desktops and applications.

  • Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange
  • Splunk App for Active Directory
  • Splunk App for Windows


Splunk is helping customers solve an incredible range of problems outside of traditional IT.

  • eDiscovery
  • Green IT
  • Scientific Data
  • Astrometry

Learn more about Splunk Operational Intelligence Solution >.

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