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O-Net attains “2012 China Communications Industry Most Valuable Brand” Award, CEO attains “Brand Building Leader” Award

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Design and manufacturing expertise in major optical technologies

O-Net Communications has successfully designed and developed a broad range of proprietary technologies which can be categorized into five core platforms, namely optical coating, optical precision processing and assembly, optical packaging, highly-efficient and flexible manufacturing processes and FIS, and firmware and electronic design.

The coating technology and equipments are very competitive and FIS is higherly recognized by customesr. O-Net believes that by utilizing these five core platforms, they are able to respond quickly to meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers. Furthermore, this broad design and manufacturing expertise helps us achieve cost-effective solutions and high product reliability.

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Multiwave Digital Solutions is a Factory Authorized O-NET Communications Reseller. Our sales representatives have years of experience working with and reselling network monitoring products and now Multiwave is proud to introduce O-NET Communications to its product portfolio.

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Vertically-integrated business model

O-Net's design and manufacturing expertise covers a wide range of the value chain in our industry, including subcomponents, components, modules and subsystems for optical communications networks. By internally supplying many key parts used in its products, O-Net has developed over 40 series of products that we sell or integrate into our optical communications products.

O-Net's vertically-integrated business model allows us to integrate optical, electronic and firmware design and customization with optical precision processing and assembly, as well as passive, active, and waveguide packaging, optical coating, manufacturing processing, auto-testing and the factory information system (or FIS), to produce technically advanced solutions to meet our customers' needs.

Efficient and flexible manufacturing

O-Net views their manufacturing process expertise as one of the key strengths.

Over the years O-Net has accumulated a large amount of manufacturing process technologies and expertise with respect to optical packaging and assembly, including various technologies they have developed for which O-Net has registered patents, or are in the course of applying for registration.

By manufacturing products in-house, O-Net is able to control the entire manufacturing process to ensure the products are manufactured in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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