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Norland Products is a supplier of interferometric test equipment, connector tuners, and fiber optic tools for the fiber optics industry.

Norland Products include:

  • Interferometers
  • Connector Tuner
  • Fiber Optic Tools
  • Other Optic Products

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Multiwave Digital Solutions is a Factory Authorized Norland Products Reseller. Our sales representatives have years of experience working with and reselling network monitoring products and now Multiwave is proud to introduce Norland Products to its product portfolio.

For sales assistance or to get a Quote, or request a demo, or schedule a Free Eval please contact us at:

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Norland Products



AIM 2020

Using the latest technology in precision optics, high-speed cameras, image analysis, graphics programming and display, Norland Products has developed the new AIM 2020 – Automated Interferometric Microscope. This system is designed as the ultimate tool for analyzing the end face polish of multifiber connectors. The performance of the Norland AIM system is a paradigm shift in resolution, accuracy, speed, and ease of use compared to any other system in the world today.

Because the latest IEC specifications require more detailed information on the fiber geometry than ever before, they present a challenge to today's interferometric systems.

The AIM 2020 has been designed to meet these needs and more by providing the quantity and quality of data points for the most accurate measurement of fiber height and core dip on multifiber connectors of any system on the market today.

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