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Pro-Vision 2.0

MRV Delivers Powerful Pro-Vision 2.0 for Superior Service Provisioning and Monitoring of Next-Generation Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Services

MRV Infrastructure Management: Solutions



The MRV infrastructure management solutions are ideally used in test lab automation.

MRV's test management and automation products are designed to increase the efficiency in the test lab environment enabling more tests in less time with fewer resources. Remote control and management of cable topologies, lab devices and power distribution optimize the lab for responsiveness and best use of capital expenditures.

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Multiwave Digital Solutions is an Authorized MRV Reseller of infrastructure management equipment and solutions.

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MRV Test Lab Automation Solutions

Physical Layer Switches

MRV's physical layer switches are used to implement wire-once technology to minimize test configuration time so more testing can be performed with fewer resources. Offered in a multi-media (MCC) or all-optical (OCC) version, these products allow for efficient sharing of expensive test equipment to save capital expense.

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Console/Terminal Servers

The LX series of Console Servers provide secure, remote serial connectivity to monitor and manage lab devices and control access as well as minimize IP addresses used in your lab network.

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MRV Test Lab Automation Solutions - Cont.

Power Management and Sensor Networking

MRV's Intelligent Managed Power Solutions for AC and DC power applications provide power distribution along with remote power control and monitoring.

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Sensor networking support in the LX Series console servers or Sensor Managers provides an IP-based method to monitor and automate physical infrastructure resources including heat, humidity, fire alarms, and security cameras, as well as physical entry points such as doors and windows.

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