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Gigamon Strengthens the Unified Visibility Fabric Architecture with New Offerings

Sillicon Valley, California, May 6, 2013

Additions to Service, Management and Applications Layers Enhance Visibility

Gigamon® Solutions



Gigamon provides a Traffic Visibility fabric between high speed network connections and the multiple tools used to analyze the traffic. It can scale to thousands of connections and replicate traffic to a smaller set of centralized multi-functional tools consistently reducing CAPEX and OPEX as you scale.

The Gigamon Traffic Visibility Network facilitates a revolutionary way to securely access critical traffic at a fraction of the cost and enhances the visibility of all the traffic, anywhere on the network.

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Visibility Fabric Architecture

The Visibility Fabric is a newly emerging "best practice" for passive monitoring of mission critical networks. Learn more >.

Monitoring Tool Deployment

Implementing a Traffic Visibility Networking methodology with the GigaVUE® appliance is an industry best-practice for getting traffic of interest to the monitoring and security tools that need to see all of the packets traversing the network. Learn more >.

Industry Standard Traffic Visibility Networking Solutions

Gigamon understands the unique data monitoring, security, performance and compliance needs that individual industries must address. The GigaVUE solutions are designed to meet specific industry needs. Learn more >.

Traffic Visibility Networking Technology

From Built-in TAPs, packet filtering, and remote access to Stacking, time stamping and ingress port labeling, the GigaVUE product offering is the most comprehensive access solution in the industry. Learn more >.

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