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Technology innovation has been the symbol of Butterfly's corporate history. Butterfly is proud of the technology break-throughs and milestones achieved. In October 2005 Butterfly developed the first 1080P LCoS optical engine in China. At CES January 2008 Butterfly introduced the first business projector with the size of a business card. In June 2008 Butterfly launched the world's first mobile phone with embedded projector.

Butterfly has developed a large amount of intellectual properties and own many important patents in China and around the world. Over the years Butterfly has not only developed various projection system designs, but also the core technologies on key components which have enabled them to achieve mass production cost-effectively.

Butterfly's success is based upon their relentless effort on core technology development, investment in state of the art equipment and facilities, and continuous commitment to quality and reliability.

Butterfly's ultimate goal is to provide our customers the best visual technology solutions in terms of performance, quality, price and delivery.

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Multiwave Digital Solutions is a Factory Authorized Butterfly Technology Reseller. Our sales representatives have years of experience working with and reselling network monitoring products and now Multiwave is proud to introduce Butterfly Technology to its product portfolio.

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